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October 25, 2021


It was brought to my attention that the website doesn’t get updated very often. Sadly, that is often the case as our Facebook page gets the majority of the news and updates. I will however, endeavour to get things back on track so to speak, and update the news section of the website on a more frequent basis.

The Museum is now closed for the season. While it was a shorter season due to the restrictions in place, it was still a good one. RailDays in September went very well. Saturday was the busier of the days with rain later in the day on Sunday. Thanks to everyone came out to take part in the event, and of course to the visiting groups, Fort Erie LaFrance Firefighting Museum and Niagara Antique Power Association. Both groups were a great addition to our event, and we look forward to welcoming them both back again in 2022.

HEPC 46 simmers (sort of) outside during RailDays 2021.
The old and the new meet at RailDays, with the Fort Erie LaFrance Museums arial truck, and Fort Erie Fire Dept. Pumper truck.
Niagara Antique Power Association’s display of gas engines at RailDays.

Unfortunately our October Niagara Model Railway Show is cancelled again. Our hall is not yet open, and we were unable to find another one in time that would allow us to keep our prices at a reasonable rate for our vendors. We are still planning our spring show on March 6th, 2022, and will have information as it becomes available. We are hoping our usual hall will be open by that time, but we are making a backup plan, looking for an alternate location.

There is still a lot of work happening in the off season. CN Flanger 56323 is coming along very well, with Allan working on the final end railings. We were hoping to get a final coat of paint on it before the weather turned, but that will now have to wait until the spring. Earlier in the year the 2 remaining 2ft gauge, 6ton Vulcan locomotives from INCo in Port Colborne were acquired(privately owned for now) and moved to the shop. INCo 6 sits outside on a panel track with the Atlas Steel ingot car while INCo 8 is inside being restored. A lot of progress has been made on INCo 8. The clutch has been freed up and the transmission goes through the gears with the wheels turning. Brake rigging has been removed and is being cleaned and serviced before being reinstalled. We are waiting on new parts for the propane fuel set up, and are having a bit of an issue finding a new distributor for the Continental engine. Both Continental engines are in very good shape. They both turn over freely, which is amazing considering these 2 locomotives have sat outside in a field for 35yrs with no maintenance.

The end platform on CN 56323 as of October 23rd.
Removing the brake rigging off INCo 8

It was still a difficult year as we have lost a large majority of our income without the train shows, and not being open as often as usual. But overall, we got a lot of work done, and our members have worked hard to keep things going. We are always looking for new members/volunteers. If you would like more information on how to get involved, please click for more.

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