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Attended your May 14, 2016 season opening day. Really enjoyed it. Excellent, well done. David

David Treffler from St Catharines, ON

It is great to see people taking up a grand historical project that will benefit our heirs for years to come.

Michael Flynn from Fort Erie, On

Good luck and keep up the good work.

Norm Sisler from Fort Erie Ontario

Best of luck. Looking forward to visiting!

Wayne Macdonald from Welland,Ontario

fireman in forterie and the falls.

keith askett from palmerston ont.

looking forword to see more in future

greg secord from st.cathariens

Congratulations and best of Luck............

Richard Viberg from Hillsborough New Brunswick

I love and admire your respectable Rail Lines. Keep up the good work.

Connie Betzler from Indiana USA

Good luck.

w.ronald kenyon from 1968 main st. w.unit 903 hamilton ont. l8s 1j7

You finally did it Congratulations All the best and Hope each day more items and locos are added . Glad to see our Canadian herritage come back to life .

Ron Pullano from Niagara Falls Ontario

Lived in Fonthill On. On the TH@B trolley spur. I think it was called the NS@T. I had to go down to pick up my Toronto Star papers for my route at the trolley station on highway 20. Have been looking for any info relative, but no luck yet. The trolley was still running when I moved to Welland in 1955. Enjoyed your site.

John Reynolds from Toronto {Scarborough Ont.}

good luck with your museum and the new INCO electric locomotive soon to be restored and displayed.

Bob Michelutti from Capreol Ontario

So happy to hear you have a permanent home and your engine home come to stay with you. see you soon Dana

Dana from Niagara Falls

John Weylie (an NRM member) introduced his old work associates here in Houston to the wonderful world of trains - he even added a model train and track to circle our christmas tree at work. Keep up the good work in informing people of the history and sharing in the enjoyment of trains!

Rhonda Riley from Houston Texas

You have a very informative site.

Ron Walters from Croswell, MI USA

What sort of building are you looking for? Preferably, a railway building with a siding, or an acctual railway building,eg backshop, engine house. I think it will be very difficult to find nowadays, seeing how everthing that was railway eg steam, has been torn down. Wish your group all the best. Hope to be at your train show. Cheers!!

Charles Sultana from Stoney Creek Ontario

I hope that your club can do this also a great time to restore the locomotive. Mark struthers From S,O,L,R,S Good Luck

Mark Struthers from Windsor Ont

My wife and I recently bought a piece of land that borders on the old Michigan Central line south of Chippawa. Being a bit of a train nut since my childhood, and after doing some research, I was fascinated by the rich and diverse rail history in the area. Even better was using Google Earth satellite images to follow the trail of the Michigan Central line from Fort Erie, past our property, right through Clifton Hill and Victoria Street in Niagara Falls, and over the Whirlpool bridge to the USA. It is hard to believe that trains, until only a few years ago, ran down Victoria Street at the top of Clifton Hill right through all the tourist traffic. My thanks to all of you good people who devote your time and resources to keeping the spirit of the trains alive for future generations. Regards, Neil

Neil J. Barratt from Stouffville, Ontario

Visted your display at your open house in September, and was quite impressed. My Dad and I were both railroaders with the N.Y.C. Canada Division. Will try to come up with some artifacts from those days. All the best in your efforts.

Al Seburn from Fort Erie

Good work, nice webpage.

Charles Angelroot from USA

Great to see the history of our area. I would like to see the route that the tracks took on modern day maps as a schematic layed out as if it would be still there today.

Ray Brown from Niagara Falls, Ontario

Hope to be able to get to your open house. I have been watching your progress and have been impressed.

Bill Woods from Niagara Falls, ON

I love the pics of all the old trains and the lines up by Clifton Hill

Mike Cooper from Niagara Falls, ON

Looks like you've got a real going concern there! I'll tell my friends to visit.

Dave Walter from London, Ontario

Good web site, hope you get a site for your museum soon.

Charles Doubrough from Hamilton Ontario

Have got to visit your museum!

Steve Bockmaster from Grimsby

Keep up the good work.

Glen Lynch from Peoria, Arizona

Great Grandfather worked for IRC and drove SC to Olcott Beach

Scott Bowman from Buffalo, NY

Keep up the good work. I've been in your neck of the woods a few times, but did not know about your activities. Here in the West (well mid-west) we focus on KCS and BNSF, though I have family in Vancouver and so CP is near and dear.

Ken Knight from Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Great site. Thanks for the visit.

Ray M. Lyons from Canada

I always enjoy checking into your website and looking at your collection of pictures. Thank you so much.

Carol from Toms River, New Jersey

Hired as clerk in Renfrew Ontario on August 15,1942. Telegraph Operator, Ottawa Division May 25,1944. Train Dispatcher 1960. Rule Instructor 1984. Retired December 31,1988. Over 46 years of service with Canadian National Railway

Frederic P, Leroux . from St Catharines Ontario

My Father, Joe Sloan, worked for the Canadian National Railway for 55 years. He started as a call boy for the Grand Trunk at age 13. His father and several brothers worked for the railroad also. I wish you well in your endeavor as I know my Father would. Good luck, Judy (Sloan) Fortune

Judith Fortune from Tonawanda, NY

Impressed with your website!! I am an CNR employee for the past 31yrs. Worked in the Niagara Falls & Fort Erie Yard till they closed. Now in the Sarnia Yard for the past 17yrs. My father Don McLeish is a retired railroader from (1941-1982) came from Hornepayne to Niagara Falls in 1966 and retired there.

Larry McLeish from Sarnia, Ontario

A very well laid out site. Your galleries are great. I'm a big fan of steam and enjoyed the pictures. Keep up the good work! Rick

Rick Moulden from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I have always been interested in Railways and Trains. Such a sad occasion when depots are torn down and railway traffic ceases. We now have trains going through Randolph.

Elizabeth Chubb from Randolph, N,Y,

I was delighted to find your website and enjoyed it so much. I am a senior citizen now, but as a little girl and young woman, my dad was a Pullman conductor for the NYC Railroad and his main route was from Grand Central Terminal in New York up to Niagara Falls. What wonderful memories I have the times Mom and I were privileged to travel with dad on the great New York Central trains of our day. I spent a great deal of my summertimes in Niagara, Chicago, and St. Louis. My favorite place has always been Niagara Falls. I still get there to visit every couple of years. Thank you for the website and the Niagara Falls Railway Museum.

Carol from New Jersey


oldhobo ( clark ) from Boyne,Michigan

Just wanted to be FIRST! Love them Speeders .. .. .

Butch & Ann from Pittsburgh

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