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Niagara Falls Railway Museum Equipment List

Where a piece of equipment had a former number, it is listed in square brackets ([]) beside the current number.
Pictures of each piece, if available, are accessible by clicking on link in the description.

Rolling Stock

DescriptionNumberBuilderBuild DateBuilt ForOwnerStatus
40' Steel BoxcarCP 401258 [50721]Canadian Car and FoundrySeptember, 1956CPRNRMArtifact display car
40' Steel BoxcarCP 57974National Steel CarJune, 1960CPRNRMDisplay/store car
40' Steel BoxcarCP 401639 [57600]National Steel CarMay, 1960CPRNRMWorkshop/storage car
Snow Flanger[56452]Grand Trunk Railway12/1923Grand Trunk NRMFrame/trucks only - on site - awaiting restoration
Gondola2676National Steel CarFebruary 1966Toronto Hamilton & BuffaloNiagara Railway Museum Inc.undergoing cosmetic restoration
Ingot Car (30" gauge)--UnknownUnknown-Niagara Railway Museum Inc.Display only
Snow Flanger56323CNR1935CNRNiagara Railway Museum Inc.undergoing restoration


DescriptionNumberBuilderBuild DateBuilt ForOwnerStatus
CBI2700-19Woodings1985CP RailPrivateOn display
M19-Fairmont1950'sCNRPrivateIn Service - on display
M9g-Fairmont1950'sCNRPrivateOn display
M14 - 'Dale'-Fairmont1940'sC&ONRMOn display
A-4D186-70Fairmont-CNRNRMTransferred to NORMHC in Capreol, no longer on roster
A-4D187-49FairmontAugust 1981CNR Moncton NBNRMOut of service - in storage
A-4D191-55Fairmont-CNRNRMParts only - in storage
A-4D-Fairmont-CNRNRMParts only - in storage
21E-Sylvester Steel Products-CNRPrivateUnder Restoration
A-4D189-34Fairmont-CNRNRMundergoing restoration - on display
CR-7A1702 77Fairmont -TH&BPrivateIn storage
M191701 63Fairmont -TH&BPrivateIn storage

Maintenance of Way

DescriptionNumberBuilderBuild DateBuilt ForOwnerStatus
Crane-PykeUnknownCPRPrivateOut of service - stored
Single Stone Grinder-Nordberg1939CNRPrivateOperational - In storage
Heavy Steel LorieMOW 01Railcar Canada1980'sCNRNRMStored - In Service
Metal LorrieMOW 02Sylvester1980'sCNRNRMStored - In Service
Wood LorrieMOW 04Fairmont1960'sCNRNRMUnder Restoration
Metal LorrieMOW 03Railcar Canada1980'sCNRNRMStored - In Service
Gang trailer--Fairmont-Canadian NationalNiagara Railway Museum Inc.Awaiting restoration - Stored
Hi Rail truck-GMC1987Norfolk Southern (ex-Trillium Railway)NRMOperational


DescriptionNumberBuilderBuild DateBuilt ForOwnerStatus
Motive Power Tractor456Pettibone/Mercury Tractor-Canadian NationalNRMOut of service - On display


DescriptionNumberBuilderBuild DateBuilt ForOwnerStatus
0-4-0ST46 [48]American Locomotive Company - Cooke WorksAugust 1920Hydro Electric Power CommissionNRMCosmetic restoration
MDT 40TnilPlymouthMarch 1953Ontario HydroNRMUndergoing restoration to operation
2TMA TrackmobilenilWhiting - Harvey Illinois1970Kennecot CopperNRMUnder Restoration
50ton Electric LocomotiveE-7 [102]National Steel Car/Westinghouse1919Hydro Electric Power CommissionNRMUndergoing cosmetic restoration
0-4-0 Fireless (30" gauge)-PorterJuly 1943Atlas Steel WellandNiagara Railway Museum Inc.Static display
F7A Locomotive Cab9173GMDDNovember 1954Canadian NationalNRMdisplay only
25 Ton--General Electric1/1948Iroquois ConstructionNiagara Railway Museum Inc. operating

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