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Gallery - Miscellanous Images

Stelpipe GE 44tonner is seen on the former New York Central Line near the Stelpipe plant just outside Welland, Ontario.March 12, 1997 - J. Paul Jenter - Niagara Railway Museum CollectionThe very rare GMDH-1, owned by Raritan River Steel is on the south turntable lead track at the Fort Erie, Ont. yard. The diesel shop is to the right.1980's - J. Paul Jenter - Niagara Railway Museum Collection
Maine Central Railway locomotives were often used on transfer runs into Fort Erie. Here, MC GE U25B #238 ha just come across from Buffalo and is entering the Fort Erie yard.August 5, 1985 - J. Paul Jenter - Niagara Railway Museum CollectionNorth American Cyanamid in Niagara Falls had different power over the years. This 65ton GE was the final locomotive used before they acquired a Whiting Trackmobile.July 28, 1978 - Niagara Railway Museum Collection

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