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Gallery - Canadian Pacfic Railway

CP Rail 1684 (ex-TH&B 74) leads a short train into Fort Erie. Both the Central Ave bridge in the background, and the station to the right are now gone.February 18, 1986 - Niagara Railway Museum CollectionA trio of C424's, led by #4233 lays over at Montrose Yd. in Niagara Falls, ONJuly 23, 1986 - Doug Kroll
CP Rail RS18u #1830 (MLW March 1957 as CP 8732-currently New Brunswick East Coast Railway #1830)awaits its next assignment at CP Rails Montrose Yard (ex-Conrail, nee-New York Central) in Niagara Falls, Ont.July 1, 1985 - Niagara Railway Museum CollectionCP Rail RS18 #8790 is seen switching at Montrose Yard.1980's - NRM Collection
CP GP9's #8242 & 8216 are shown crossing Clifton Hill in the Winter of 2001. The days of the line in this shot are numbered as the tracks will soon be gone.Ken Jones Jr. - NRM CollectionSpike claw bars are lined up at the official first spike removal at the top of Clifton Hill of the ex-CP Rail (Conrail-Penn Central-New York Central-Canada Southern) line through Niagara Falls.Ken Jones Sr. - NRM Collection

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