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Gallery - Canadian Pacfic Railway


CP Rail 1684 (ex-TH&B 74) leads a short train into Fort Erie. Both the Central Ave bridge in the background, and the station to the right are now gone.

February 18, 1986 - Niagara Railway Museum Collection


A trio of C424's, led by #4233 lays over at Montrose Yd. in Niagara Falls, ON

July 23, 1986 - Doug Kroll


CP Rail RS18u #1830 (MLW March 1957 as CP 8732-currently New Brunswick East Coast Railway #1830)awaits its next assignment at CP Rails Montrose Yard (ex-Conrail, nee-New York Central) in Niagara Falls, Ont.

July 1, 1985 - Niagara Railway Museum Collection


CP Rail RS18 #8790 is seen switching at Montrose Yard.

1980's - NRM Collection


CP GP9's #8242 & 8216 are shown crossing Clifton Hill in the Winter of 2001. The days of the line in this shot are numbered as the tracks will soon be gone.

Ken Jones Jr. - NRM Collection


Spike claw bars are lined up at the official first spike removal at the top of Clifton Hill of the ex-CP Rail (Conrail-Penn Central-New York Central-Canada Southern) line through Niagara Falls.

Ken Jones Sr. - NRM Collection