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Gallery - Amtrak

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, better known as "Amtrak" is a US-based passenger railway. It was created in 1971. Amtrak operated trains over the CASO lines between Windsor and Fort Erie, as well as over CN lines between Niagara Falls and Toronto.

Amtrak F40PH 343 leads the Maple Leaf across the Whirlpool Bridge into Niagara Falls Ont. where it will be taken over by a VIA crew for the remainder of the trip to Toronto. This train still runs, currently with 4 coaches and a cafe car. Here it is seen with an occaisional baggage car.July 12, 1981 - NRM CollectionAmtrak Maple Leaf is backing across the intersection of Erie & Queen in Niagara Falls with the old Rosbergs store in the background. The purpose of this detour move is unknown.March 27, 1993 - NRM Collection
Amtrak 415 backs the Maple Leave (Toronto-New York) down the connecting track to the CP main along Park St. The train will cross the bridge to Niagara Falls NY. where it will wait to clear customs.March 27, 1993 - NRM CollectionAmtrak 262 & 443 lead the Niagara Rainbow through Fort Erie, Ont. enroute to Buffalo.May 18, 1976 - NRM Collection
Amtrak E8a #443 leads the Niagara Rainbow through Fort Erie, about to cross over the International Bridge to Buffalo and beyond.May 1976 - NRM Collection

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