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The NFRM Boxcars

The NFRM has in it's expanding collection 3 ex-CP boxcars. They are pictured above, shortly after their arrival at Welland Yard. Two of the cars are in the CP multi-mark scheme, while the third is painted brown and has the more traditional Canadian Pacific Railway block lettering.

The cars were waybilled directly to the NFRM and shipped from Winnipeg, MB to Welland, ON in late December 2001. They spent a few months in the Welland Yard before being added to a string of cars in storage at Brookfield, on the CP Fort Erie Subdivision. In October, 2003, the cars made their final move to our siding in Niagara Falls. Our plan is to cosmetically restore them to use as NFRM storage or as display cars.

The cars are in relatively good shape. They are 40' cars. Their trucks have been refitted with roller bearings. None appear to have any leaks in the roofs, and despite the colourful grafitti, the paint is in good shape. We have discovered that the doors are going to require some attention as they are extremely difficult to open.

At least one of the cars, CP 401258, was used in Maintenance of Way service. CP 57974 was contaminated with what we ascertained to be rotten wheat, and was cleaned out before being positioned. We plan to pressure wash the interior of this car when the weather is more suitable, to clean out any of the remaining wheat.

The NFRM would like to thank the staff from CP Rail’s Heritage Department and the Hamilton Sub’s Welland yard for their help.

Moving the Boxcars

In the fall of 2003, the NFRM's 3 boxcars inched closer to their final location. They were setout by CP at the end of the siding, 3/4 mile south of their final position. Initially we planned to move the cars with the locomotive that shared our siding. After several attempts at starting the locomotive, each without success, a new plan was formulated. A skid steer was rented, and museum members used it to move one car at a time into position by pushing on the coupler with the bucket. The photos below show NFRM members as they position the last car.
Image Image
CP 57974 creeps slowly along the track. NFRM president Ken Jones operates the skid steer while pushing the final car.
Image Image
Ron Pullano mans the handbrake. Just about there, just a few more feet to go.
Image Image
Final positioning of all 3 cars Ken Jones Jr and his father Ken attempt to open the door of CP 401639.
Image Image

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