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April 13, 2024

April 13th work update

There’s been quite a bit happening, as usual, with the start of phase 2 of the environmental work in the office area started and progressing. This work includes the professional removal of the old peeling paint on the walls and ceiling. The side room is done and the rest of the office should be done at the end of April. We hope to have this area open for our visitors in some capacity by the middle of the season.

The GE 25tonner has been receiving quite a bit of work with Rob doing a lot of body work, fixing dents and covering up some openings and cut outs in the body. Allan has been assisting with that work, along with doing some work in the future work shop downstairs.

The air cleaner on the GE was removed and will be replaced with a smaller unit. Rob has still been working on the windows, waiting for new window rubber to arrive. All of the dents have been removed from the cab, the rear step straightened and repaired, and the cab grab irons straightened. Rob managed to get the door locks working as well. The GE will definitely look a lot different in 2024, and the work being performed will keep it operating for years to come. The new window rubber will also be used on the number boards on CN 9173, which is also moving forward to a new paint job.

Part of having the office area open for display again, will be allowing people to see the items from the former Niagara Central Hobbies (the Hobby Shop) in St. Catharines. This includes the HO train layout and trolley coffee bar. On April 13th, the layout was uncovered and had a train operating on the lower loop for the first time in about 5yrs.

March 17, 2024

Off season progress

With the unusually mild winter, there has been a lot of work happening during the off season. At the end of 2023, the office portion of the shop received a new roof thanks to an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant. This will allow us to once again use this as a public space for meetings and displays. Phase 1 was the roof, phase 2 will be the clean up of the old paint and such. We will be working on this area as the 2024 season goes on. It’s nice to finally have this area dry.

Other work has continued on many projects. Allan has spent a lot of time installing the new safety railings along the work platform and around the drop table pit. he has continued to improve the safety of the facility and equipment for our volunteers and guests.

Rob has also been busy, taking a bit of a break from CN 9173 to work on the GE 25tonner. 9173 is coming along quite well, and will be ready for painting in 2024. We are currently waiting for new rubber gasket material to make and install new number boards. This material will also be used to replace the old, cracked rubber around the windows on the 25tonner. At some point, the locomotive hit something which shifted the cab out of place. Rob and Allan have fixed a lot of that damage, with Rob continuing on the body work, smoothing out the dents, and cleaning the old paint off, and giving the cab a coat of primer. The doors have gotten the locks repaired and can now be used. Window work is still ongoing, and the body work and primer paint will continue on the hood.

Elsewhere has just been a lot of cleaning, for the most part. Work has been fairly regular on Saturdays, and even on Sundays now, so there is a lot of progress being made on things. The Spring Niagara Model Railway Show in March went very well, and was a good start to our 2024 season.

We have another busy year ahead of us in 2024. We look forward to showing all the progress we have made in the off season, and to share what we have planned. For Christmas, we did a test run of decorating JZ 62.118 with lights, just to see how it would work out for a potential future winter event. it went quite well, and we hope to be able to do this again during the holidays.

Thank you to all of our great volunteers who have done so much work during the off season to prepare us for 2024. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on Opening Weekend in May.

October 26, 2023

Niagara Model Railway Show

The Fall Niagara Model Railway Show is Sunday October 29th from 10am to 3pm at the Merritton Community Centre, 7 Park Ave in St. Catharines. The vendor tables are completely sold out, with 45 vendors from across Ontario, for our biggest show at this location. This event wraps up a record year for the museum and we hope to see everyone out on Sunday.

September 2, 2023

Readers Choice awards 2023

Voting is now open in the 2023 Readers Choice Awards. We are nominated in 4 categories in the Niagara Falls Review. Under entertainment, we are in: Day Trip Destinations, Family Activities, Local Tourist Attraction and Museum.

We are also in the St. Catharines Standard, Entertainment, Local Event for the Niagara Model Railway Show.

Please help us continue our winning ways by voting for us wherever possible. You will have to register, but you can always delete it afterwards. Please share these links and help spread the word.

August 28, 2023

As has been reported online and in other media, the Museum acquired and moved 2 steam locomotives to the shop on July 4th. Once again I am very far behind on updating this site, as most of our updates happen on our Facebook page.

First viewing of 62.118 & 62.129 in the warehouse on April 22.

The locomotives were acquired by John Holer, the owner of Marineland in Niagara Falls. They were built in 1955 & 1958 by Duro Dakovic Locomotive Technica for the Jugoslav State Railway. Both engines are 0-6-0T tank engines, based on an American design. They were both rebuilt and operated in Slovenia prior to being shipped to Canada in 1981. They were unloaded off a flatcar at the Park and moved to one of the warehouses on Stanley Ave, which is where they remained until July 4th. Many people knew they existed, but at the same time, weren’t really sure if they did or not. Some people saw them when they arrived, some were able to see them over the years, but for the most part, they were kept away from any viewers. In April 2023 we were contacted by the Holer Family about needing to dispose of these locomotives, and the did not want to see them go to scrap. We were asked if we would be able to take them or knew of a place that could. We were of course very excited to be asked and considered for their new home. The entire project had to kept completely under wraps with only a very few people from the Museum and the Park knowing what was happening. A lot of work went into the move, from our own volunteers working to get them ready, to James Petroczi coming down and building the panel tracks that allowed us to move them outside. Falcon Crane was called in for the lift, and we once again went with Pioneer Heavy Haul out of Welland to move them to Fort Erie. Both locomotives are in immaculate condition. They are complete, and would be ideal candidates for future restoration. For now however, we are happy just to have them on display.

Final night at the warehouse in Niagara Falls under a full moon. July 3rd, 2023.

July 4th was moving day, and it was a very hot, and very long day for everyone, but the crew from Falcon Crane were out the longest. Dakota and Mark were excellent to work with, and they took great car lifting both locomotives. The same goes for Mel Jones and his crew from Pioneer. It took a little longer for loading as the blocking on the trailers had to be placed in just the right spots to protect the trailer decks, and to make sure no damage would be done to the locomotives.

During all of this work, we really have to give a huge amount of thanks to the Holer Family. It was Marie Holer that decided to donate them to us, and Peter Holer, their son, was instrumental in this entire move. Peter was at the warehouse to deal with the contractors looking at the job whenever we called him. He also helped us with prep work, brought over the big Cat D7 dozer to pull them outside, and brought over the forklift and telehandler to help move the track materials around for the panel track. This move would have been a lot more difficult without the amount of help Peter gave us. We are very thankful to the Management and Advisors at Marineland for making this happy, and the Holer Family for seeing it through.

Be sure to join us at RailDays on September 9 & 10 from 10am to 4pm both days (rain or shine). As of right now, it is planned to have all 3 steam locomotives outside together for the first time. We are still working on other displays for the event.

April 29, 2023

End of April update

It has been a rather busy time for the Museum. We are just 2 weeks away from our 2023 Opening Weekend, and we hope you’ll come out to see what we’ve been working on over the winter.

Our Annual March Niagara Model Railway Show was a HUGE success, being out biggest show ever!! over 600 people attended the event (not including all the kiddos), and we really couldn’t be happier about that.

Work has been continuing over the winter months at the site as well. Rob has being doing an incredible job on the cab of CN 9173. The nose is once again round, and the grab irons have been straightened from the twisted mess that they were, and will be installed soon. The cab was covered by a tarp over the winter, and it was only recently we were able to see how great of a job he has been doing, when we removed the tarp.

CN Flanger 56323 is waiting to have roof work done at some point this year. Cupola repairs will be done after the roof is finished. 56323 was moved from track ED17 (north) to ED19 (south) for the upcoming season. Neil was working on the Woodings CBI Motorcar, as we are hoping to have that piece up and running for our open weekends this year. The Flanger is now coupled to the Trackmobile on ED19, and the GE 25tonner was moved back over to ED17 with HEPC 46. HEPC 46 has been receiving some work as well, as we prepare to replace the cab. Rob has been making new, accurate CAD drawings, and planning out the work in stages. While 46 will be on display, she will not be outside or have people up close due to the work happening.

The Museum store is fully stocked with all sorts of great new items. We have 4 new puzzle designs to choose from, along with our engineer bears, plush train, whistles, engineer hats (in Pink and Blue), and all sorts of other goodies for kids and adults. New in the store car this year will be an operating G scale train featuring some of our G scale collection, as well as Thomas, Annie and Clarabel.

We aren’t expected to have it ready for opening weekend (there is still a ton of work to get done, and we just don’t have a lot of time left), but we are working on all new displays inside the TH&B boarding car. This car will retain its current appearance, but will include new TH&B artifacts, freeing up some space in our display cars for other items from the collection. The NRM sends its thanks to the Robbins Family, who donated the car, and most of Ken Robbins collection to us. Thanks to Lance Brown from the TH&B Historical Society for sending along the explanation from the rule book for the Bunk Car sign.

There is a lot of excitement coming in 2023 and we hope you’ll join us on this adventure. Opening Weekend is May 13 & 14, 10am-4pm both days, rain or shine. Admission is by monetary donation. Come see the work our dedicated volunteers have been doing. Or, want to see more done? Why not consider joining us. Membership information can be found here

February 10, 2023

Niagara Model Railway Show

Less than a month to go until the March Niagara Model Railway Show. Our first event of what is going to be a very busy 2023. Vendors from across Ontario selling all scales of model trains, railway memorabelia, and railway history displays. Something for everyone. For more information or to be a vendor, call or email.

January 29, 2023

New update and AGM

Despite the lack of updates, there has still been a lot of work going on at the shop, sometimes 2 or 3 days a week. Our 2023 Annual General Meeting will be on February 25th at the shop.

The GE is currently out of service for the off season and is dead and drained for some much needed maintenance. There has been a coolant leak for quite some time, and a crack was found in the thermostat housing. That issue has since been fixed and the unit reinstalled. The cab heater has been removed and is getting a new fan motor before being reinstalled. The rotted floor under the heater has been replaced. The front headlight was removed and has had new wiring run to it, replacing the deteriorated and much spliced old wire.

Flanger 56323 is sitting for now, as we plan for the new roof, which was originally planned for the fall, but will be moved up to earlier in the year. The car has been set up for our meeting space to be ready for our AGM.

The Plymouth is waiting for brake cylinder seals, and work will resume when the GE is back in service shortly. Patrick has rebuilt one of the brake cylinders and will rebuild the second one when the first is complete.

CN F7a 9173 has seen Rob doing a lot of great work being done to it. With Allan straightening the badly bent grab irons, Rob has now managed to get the nose dents out and it’s really starting to come together. When finished, this will definitely be a centrepiece for visitors.

HEPC 46 is still be worked on, slowly. Young Nolan has been working on scrapping it down to be ready for painting. The cab is still in poor shape, and a new plan is being made to have it replaced. Rob is working on that as he deals with 9173.

Our 2 TH&B cars are idle for now. 2676 is outside with the other flanger as there’s just no room inside. The boarding car will have some TH&B displays in place for this season, but work will likely not start on this car until 2024.

There are other projects ongoing, including a new build handcar. This is an off season project and so far has seen the parts from the Robbins hand car cleaned and freed up. We hope to be able to have one of the motorcars operating this season as well, something that has been lacking for a couple of years. Outside in the yard, we are hoping to have James and Nick back to work on one of the turnouts, and change some ties. If we’re able to get some 100lb rail, we will also be changing some of the old 85lb to 100lb. There are also a couple of other items that are, at this point, not ready for discussion, but soon, soon, they will be announced, and we are looking forward to sharing the news with everyone.

December 30, 2022

Happy New Year!!

The final day of 2022 is upon us. The year has had it’s ups and downs for sure, but for the most part 2022 was by far our best and busiest year ever. We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in July. Significant progress was made on CN Flanger 56323, which received all new paint and proper lettering before the 25th Anniversary event. Restoration continues with the Cupola windows being rebuilt over the winter with the cupola being worked on in the spring. In the Spring, thanks to James and his helper Nick, the North track was completed and fir the first time since the shop closed, all 3 tracks were able to be used, and equipment was moved around to different display areas. The can of CN 9173 had restoration started, and with the help of a new member, has progressed much further than expected, looking forward to seeing a new paint job, hopefully in the spring. Our Spring and Fall Niagara Model Railway Show returned with great turnouts for both events. We also gained some new members who have really made an impact around the shop. The Plymouth diesel is getting some much needed attention, and was fired up for the first time in almost 10yrs. There were many artifact donations made, including the remaining items from the late Ken Robbins, whose family donated the TH&B Boarding Car to the Museum. These are just some of the things that went on in 2022, and this work couldn’t be done without our incredible group of volunteers, who put so much time in at the shop, and behind the scenes throughout the year.

So, what can we look forward to for 2023? Well, we will soon be, hmmm, nope, can’t mention that yet. But we will soon be, nope, nope, can’t mention that either. Hmmm, what can we talk about? Our 2023 schedule is up on our website at and we have another full year of events happening. Restoration work is continuing on many pieces, including CN 9173, CN 56323, the Trackmobile, Plymouth and GE diesels, steam locomotive 46, and electric E7.

On behalf of the Niagara Railway Museum Inc. we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who came out to visit and support us in 2022, you helped make our year amazing. And all the work at the shop couldn’t be done without our dedicated volunteers who put in countless hours making things happen.

Happy New Year!! All the best for everyone in 2023…

November 28, 2022


Giving Tuesday is a chance to give back to the Community after the busy Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. We know there are a lot of options out there to donate to, but we hope you will consider the Niagara Railway Museum Inc. with our many restoration projects. One of our goals is the cab restoration of our 1920 steam locomotive #46. This is a fairly extensive project, and any help is appreciated. We have many other projects on the go as well, and donations can be made securely online at

The NRM is a registered Canadian Charitable Organization and all donations over $25 are eligible for a Charitable Tax Reciept.

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