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The Plymouth MDT 40t Locomotive

It is with great pleasure that the Niagara Railway Museum announces the safe arrival of its most recent acquisition. On Wednesday, November 7, 2007, the Niagara Railway Museum successfully moved it's second locomotive.

Donated by Babcock & Wilcox , the Plymouth MDT40t switcher was moved from their facility in Cambridge to storage in Welland. The engine was loaded at B&W at 9:00am, and we were on the road at 10:00am, arriving in Welland at noon. M. J. Jones Hauling and Rigging of Welland, ON hauled the Plymouth for the Museum, and also did the unloading at their facility in Dain City. The engine will be restored to operating condition over the coming months.

Built by Plymouth in March 1953, it was delivered to Ontario Hydro at Niagara Falls, ON and we believe it was used during the construction of Adam Beck Generating Station #2. After service in Niagara Falls, the unit went to railroad contractor Penvidic Contracting, and was used in unknown service.

In 1970, the engine was acquired by Babcock & Wilcox for use as a yard switcher at their Cambridge plant. The locomotive was removed from service approximately 18yrs ago, and has been used as a reacher car to pull rail sleds out of their heat treating furnace.

In 2006, the NRM started talking with B&W about the possibility of acquiring the Plymouth for Museum display. After a year of discussions, they declared the engine surplus in June of 2007, which paved the way for the Museum to acquire it.

M. J. Jones was selected as the party to perform the move after exploring several options. In less than a week of first contacting M. J,. Jones, we lined up the truck, made arrangements for loading, and brought the engine back to Niagara.

The NRM endeavours to completely restore this locomotive to operating condition. In order to help fund this rebuild/restoration, the NRM is offering donors an opportunity to be one of the first people to get behind the throttle. For a minimum donation of $100.00, the donor will have the opportunity to get behind the throttle of the diesel, receive a framed 8x10 print of the restored engine, and a photo of them operating the locomotive. Additionally, their name will be added to the donor plaque which will be affixed inside the cab of the Plymouth. A charitable tax receipt will also be issued to the donor. This is a great opportunity to help with the restoration of our small switcher, and also get a chance to operate a piece of Niagara railway history. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. An donation form can be downloaded here.

The Niagara Railway Museum sends its thanks and appreciation to Babcock & Wilcox Canada Ltd. for the donation of the Plymouth, and to M. J. Jones in Welland, ON for the move and storage at their facility.

The Plymouth is being shoved inside the building by the leased GE 70 tonner. The flatcar is a short 12 axle car being used as a spacer between the locomotives.


The Plymouth is lifted in the air inside the B&W plant, and the trailer is being backed underneath


Almost there. The locomotive is just a foot off the deck of the trailer, as it's lowered into place by the excellent crew at Babcock & Wilcox.


Loaded on the truck and ready to go, NRMs Plymouth is on its way to Niagara.


The trailer is out and the Plymouth is about to be set onto the tracks at MJ Jones' facility at Dain City (Welland)