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Gallery - Conrail

Conrail began operations on April 1st, 1976.

Conrail consisted of all of the lines from the Penn Central Railway as well as six other bankrupt railroad companies, all of which primarily operated in the northeastern US.

In February, 1976, the US Government passed into law the "Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976", which provided the necessary funding to revitalize the deteriorating freight railway lines, equipment and rolling stock of the seven railways.

In 1998, Conrail itself was split between the Norfolk Southern Railway and CSX Transportation.

In Niagara Falls, Conrail was the operator on the former Canada Southern lines to Detroit, which it had assumed with the overtaking of the Penn Central Railway. In Niagara Falls, these lines included the former New York Central Montrose Yard facilities, as well as the branch to Chippawa.

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Conrail scale test car 80061 is shown at Montrose Yard in Niagara Falls. This car was built in 1929 and weighs 90000lbs.

October 17, 1981 - NRM Collection


Conrail (Ex-Penn Central) GP9 7434 in Port Colborne.

February 1978 - Brad Markowsky - NRM Collection


Conrail 2286 & 6701 are at the top end of Fort Erie yard with caboose 46134, stenciled for Work Train Service Only.

May 9, 1982 - Niagara Railway Museum Inc. Collection


Back when Conrail was still running into Canada on the former New York Central Lines, Conrail torpede tube GP9 #7440 (GMD April 1957 as NYC 6040) and GP7 5824 are seen on the shop track at Montrose Yard in Niagara Falls.

September 3, 1983 - J. Paul Jenter - NRM Collection


We aren't sure of the exact reason why this move was being done, however, it was a rare move, and it was captured on film. We assume that Conrail 2774 was bringing the Alaska Railroad equipment over to the CN for Interchange to head out to Alaska. At this time, the CN boarding house, visible at centre, was still open.

C-mid 1980's - NRM Collection


It's almost spring, and Conrail B23-7 #1957 & 1955 head a train through Niagara Falls for New York.

March 7, 1993 - J. Paul Jenter - Niagara Railway Museum Collection


Conrail GP7 #5824 (GMDD - March 1951, ex-NYC 5824, nee C&O 5726) is at Conrails Montrose Yard in Niagara Falls, Ont. 5824 was scrapped in February 1986 at St.Louis Auto Shredding.

April 1982 - Niagara Railway Museum Collection


Conrail GP9 #7439 (ex-NYC 6039, blt GMDD 1957) leads Conrail GP7 #5825 (ex-C&O #5727, blt GMDD 1951), as they bring their train into Canada from Niagara Falls New York.

August 18, 1977 - NRM Collection


Conductor Doug Melore is on the end of Conrail GP9 #7438 as it heads a short train down the Chippewa branch.

1980's - Niagara Railway Museum Collection


Train WQST-2 is shown leaving Montrose Yard in Niagara Falls with #7439 leading sister unit #7437 and pulling 86 cars and van.

18:20 December 22nd, 1981 - Helmut Ostermann Photograph - NRM Collection


The Chippawa local is seen switching at Norton Industries in Chippawa with GP9 #7438. Norton manufactures abrasive materials, such as grinding wheels and sanding discs.

December 22, 1981 - Helmut Ostermann Photo - NRM Collection