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Gallery - Niagara Junction Railway


The Niagara Junction Railway shops still stand to this day, and have been used by various companies, including a tank car cleaning business. In this shot however, we see 5 of the NJ's centercab electrics, #'s 20, 15, 17 & 16, and one unknown behind #17.

NRM Collection


Niagara Junction #15, is at work in one of the numerous yards along the NJ. Built by GE in 1952, #15 is now owned by the Western NY Railway Historical Society, and is in storage in Buffalo awaiting restoration. This photo is one of many original negatives the NRM has in its collection.

October 21, 1961 - NRM Collection


Niagara Junction #16, built by GE in 1952, sits at the NJ yard on New Years Eve day in 1974. In just a few years, this unit would be renumbered Conrail #4752. #4752 was purchased by Metro-North Commuter Railroad, renumbered to #402, and modified for service under Grand Central Station in New York. The unit was official retired in 1998.

December 31, 1974 - NRM Collection


Niagara Junction Line Car #1 is seen at the NJ shops in Niagara Falls, NY. By this time, Conrail had assumed operations of the NJ as evidenced by the new reporting marks on what is now NJ 4756 behind the Line Car. #4756 was originally NJ #20, built in 1952 by GE.

April 2, 1978 - NRM Collection