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September 25, 2011

September Open House

We once again had great weather for the final open house of 2011, held on September 10/11.? We changed up the displays a little bit, showing off some of the other artifacts in the NRM collection.? We also added another motorcar for display, with our ex-CNR Fairmont M9g, being shown to visitors for the first time in about 4yrs.? Thanks to Bill Woods from the ONRT&HS society for coming out early Saturday to help set up, and to all the other NRM members who came out to help man the shop.? There was also a fair amount of work done out there on the Sunday, as Richard Berry still had his Caterpillar motor grader and gradall out there.? We’ve been wanting to do some preliminary work on the turntable pit, to see exactly what the condition is under all the fill.? A 10’x10′ test hole was dug, and I now know exactly where the roundhouse went after the fire in 1991. When the roundhouse was demolished, the remaining structure was used to fill in the pit.? A layer of topsoil covered the rubble. Preliminary inspection of the pit wall and base found it to be in very good condition.? The excavation of the pit itself is a ways off yet, but hopefully the rest of the pit is as good as our test hole.? We also graded the right of way for the continued track construction.? The north track of the shop has been graded about 125′ to allow a temporary track to be put in place in case we are able to move some of our equipment over during the winter.? This will be laid with 85lb rail for now.? The grading for the rest of the south and middle track was also done, and we hope to have part of the turnout to join the 2 tracks in place by winter.

July 23, 2011

A very busy July

We’re now well past the halfway mark in July, and a busy month it has been.? It all started with Canada Day July 1st at Optimist Park.? We had our normal 2 table display, and promoted the new location for the NRM.? It was a fairly decent turnout, but it didn’t seem as busy as previous years.? With Canada Day out of the way, we then focused on our second open house of the year at the NRM shop in Fort Erie.? We had very good weather for this open house, but our crowds were still down a bit.? The Ontario Northland Railway Historical & Tech. Society, and the Southern Niagara Model Railroad Club both had a display at the event, which is always great to see.? My thanks to the guys from both groups who come out and take part in our events.

ONRH&TS display

The locomotives were all kept indoors again for this open house.? 46 once again had her headlight installed, and looked pretty good considering the deterioration.? While visitors couldn’t get into the cab on E-7, we did take some of the window panels off and allow them to see the inside.? Work on the interior has started, and if all goes well, the cab will be open for viewing in 2012.? The Plymouth was once again open for viewing, and is always a hit with the kids.


The Museums HO Scale layout was also running again, this time with newly donated equipment.? The NRM secured a large donation of HO Scale Canadian prototype cars and locomotives from a local man in Niagara.? All of the equipment is currently in storage, and is being documented.? This equipment will be great for the model railway that we plan to construct.

HO Scale layout

My thanks to everyone who came out and helped at the event. Despite a lower than expected turnout, it was still a good weekend.? The next Open House is September 10/11, 2011, 10am to 4pm at the shop, 21 Warren St. Fort Erie.? For more information, please contact the Museum.

June 23, 2011

NRM Secures Museum Property!!

It is official.? After some 14yrs of trying to find a permanent home, the Niagara Railway Museum Inc. has secured a long term arrangement for the use of the former CNR diesel Shop and surrounding property in Fort Erie, Ont.? Plans are already underway for the rebuilding of the shop, starting with new windows to help keep the weather out. We have started our fundraising efforts, and are accepting donations for various projects.? The big one is the building fund.? The money raised for the building fund will go directly towards the upkeep of the shop itself.? The equipment fund maintains and restores our locomotives and cars, and the general fund goes towards everything else, like artifact acquisition and restoration.? If you would like to contribute to the NRM, please click on the Canada Helps like on our main page, for a secure online donation.

In other news, the next Museum Open House is coming up fast.? July 2, 3 & 4, 2011, 9am-4pm.? All 3 locomotives will be on display, there will be model train layouts, Ontario Northland Histocial Society, Southern Niagara Model Railway Club, motorcar rides, and other displays that are still being worked on.? Come on out and support Railway History in Niagara, as the Niagara Railway Museum Inc. works towards creating a Museum to showcase the vast railway heritage of the entire Niagara Region.

September 15, 2010

Open House a success

1927 REO Bickel Fire truck

The NRM’s second open house is now a thing of the past.? I’m not sure of the exact visitor count, but I can say that the shop had a steady flow of visitors both Saturday & Sunday.? We heard nothing but positive comments, and have people from across the Niagara Region, and even from the US.? The weather Saturday was great, nice and sunny, and warm.? This allowed the Fort Erie LaFrance Association to bring out their 1927 Bickel fire truck for display.? They had originally planned to bring out more than one truck, but didn’t have enough drivers due to sickness.? This was their first visit and it surely won’t be the last, as we have invited them back to any of our open houses in the future.? It adds to our displays, and gives them exposure as well.?In July, a headlight and CPR bell were donated to the NRM, with the instructions that they be used strictly on HEPC 46 (although we were told that if we wanted to temporarily? display the headlight on other equipment, we could).


We decided that since 46 had her front headlight on (the new headlight will be used on the back of 46) the other headlight should go on E-7 for display.? It looked pretty good with both locomotives beside each other with headlights.

The Southern Niagara Model Railroad Club brought their small HO scale layout, and the Ontario Northland Railway H&TS also had a display at the show.? The ONR display showed photos, books, and models of ONR equipment over the years.

The Niagara Railway Museum’s newly donated HO layout was also on display at the open house, and was very well recieved.? The layout is being rebuilt slightly, with new track, and more scenery, but other than that, it is pretty much staying as it is.? It is a double track layout, with a large mountain at one end.

Southern Ontario Model Railroad Club HO Layout on display

A bit more of the shop was open to visitors this time, as we kept all 3 locomotives inside.? The upper level inspection platform was open for people to walk up and look inside the cab of E-7 & 46.? They could also go underneath the platform, where we hung flourescent lights to light up the wheels and undercarriage of the 2 locomotives.? As always, the cab of the Plymouth was open for viewing as well.? The motorcar rides were once again enjoyed by many, and although it is only a short ride, it gives people a chance to ride on a piece of equipment normally only used by Maintenance personnel.

NRM layout

As the museum grows and developes, more will be available for viewing.? The architect is working on the designs for the office area, which will be the main entrance, and artifact display area.??? The restoration to operation of our Plymouth diesel has also started.? The damaged air compressor has been removed, and will be rebuilt.? The motor in the locomotive is in decent shape, and will likely need some rewiring, and new hoses, but there is hope that the engine may be running by the end of the year, possibly sooner.

Thanks to the many NRM members that came out to help with the open house.? The NRM also thanks Modern Corporation in Niagara Falls for the portable

toilets,? The Fort Erie LaFrance Association for the fire truck, and The Southern Niagara Model Railroad Club & ONRH&TS for bringing out their displays.

The Northwest face of the NRM shop, taken about 1030pm Sept. 11.

E-7 & 46 at night

There are still lots of things to do at the NRM, so if you wouldlike to come out and volunteer, drop us an email, or give us a call.? No skills required, just bring yourself, safety boots, and lunch, we’ll do the rest.

September 8, 2010

Open house update

Wow, this has come on really fast.? Just 2 more days until the Niagara Railway Museum open house.? Things are coming together great.? Lots to see and do, a few special surprises as well.? An addition to the weekend will be drinks and hot dogs for a small fee.? We will also have portable restrooms on site, as our plumbing is not currently in operating condition (actually, the indoor plumbing doesn’t even exist!!).? Food and drinks, in addition to all the other displays, and who knows what might show up on the weekend.? Come on out and support the NRM, it’ll be a great time.? Remember, the event runs rain or shine, so please dress for the weather (if the outside temp is cool, the shop will be as well, please be prepared).

August 29, 2010

Getting Ready for the Open House

Cutting grass at the shop

With the Niagara Railway Museum open house just 2 weeks away, work has been continuing at the shop.? Much of the grass and brush has been cut from around the former roundhouse/turntable area, as well as around the shop.? Some of the area where the turntable was will be used for parking at the open house.

Inside the shop cleaning is ongoing.? We’re preparing areas for the layouts and displays.? See our “news” section for everything that is going on a the open house.? Remember, 2010 marks the 90th birthday of HEPC 46, so come out andcelebrate a grand birthday.

HEPC 46 turns 90 years old in September

June 27, 2010

Upcoming Open House

The Niagara Railway Museum is gearing up for its first ever Open House at our new home, the former CNR diesel shop at 21 Warren St. in Fort Erie, Ont., July 1st to 4th, 10am to 4pm daily. We will have our steam locomotive on display inside the shop, and we plan to have the Plymouth diesel outside with the cab open to visitors. There will be railway history displays inside the shop, including photos and artifacts. There may also be track car rides on a short section of track outside (provided by a private operator).

So come out and support Railway history in the Niagara Region. For more information, contact us at 905 357 6539 or info @

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