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July 16, 2016

Wood and windows

What was first imagined as a fairly easy job turned into something far more complex than initially anticipated.? Wayne M has spent a fair amount of time making repairs to the wood on the south track near the door.? The wood “mudrail” more or less had become deteriorated to the point where it became a major tripping hazzard.? Wayne was finally able to get the majority of the work finished and it’s looking great. A protective stain will be applied on the lumber to help protect it from the elements.

waynefloor1 waynefloor2 waynefloor3Other work happening in the shop included some grass cutting around property, patiently waiting for our big tractor/bush hog to be fixed. There are many ongoing projects at the Museum, one of which is the restoration of our Plymouth MDT40t diesel.? In our first 2 months in this facility, some neighbourhood kids broke into the shop and did significant damage to our equipment, including smashing out most of the windows on 2 of our motorcars, and the Plymouth diesel. The Plymouth is being restored to operating condition, but will likely spend the majority of it’s time as display and backup power to the GE. Progress has been a bit slow as we are awaiting the return of our air compressor. The engine does run, but without the compressor we haven’t yet had the locomotive moving under it’s own power. So, until that time, there is other work, including replacing the windows to make the unit once again weather tight.? 6 New lexan windows were cut today, and will be installed when the frames are done being prepped. So all in all, another productive day, and some much needed progress made.


4 new lexan windows have been cut and ready for installation.

October 12, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend track work and Model Railway Show


The display and storage cars are inside the shop, awaiting work on the doors and interiors.

October 11th was the annual Thanksgiving track work weekend at the shop.? The goal was to continue working through the turnout to connect the south and middle track. Ken, John, Wayne G and Aaron managed to get half of the turnout laid out and partially spiked.? One more full day and the turnout should be usable. Half of the middle track has also been gauged, as has the straight side of the turnout. Elsewhere Ken and Wayne M were cleaning up some brush? previously cut down.

As a reminder, the Annual Niagara Model Railway Show will be held at its new location on October 26th, from 10am to 3:30pm at the Merriton Community Centre, 7 Park St. in St. Catharines.? Information on the show including the show flyer and vendor form are available on the website at


Work progressed into the #8 turnout, with half of the rail being installed, and ready for spiking.


CP 57974 sits outside the shop.



August 31, 2013

More windows on the long weekend!


Progress on covering the south wall windows

The NRM crew managed to install 7 more pieces of PVC to the windows at the Museum shop, bringing the total to 21 pieces. There is still another 72 pieces to go on the South wall, but progress is being made.

Once again Attar Metals loaned us the use of their Genie lift, a valuable piece of equipment when doing work like this. While waiting for more framing to be built on the ground, Ken and Aaron took a look at the roof and exhaust vents, and started to put together a plan to cover in part of the high bay windows before winter. Some issues were identified which need repair prior to sealing those windows.? The goal for the South wall is to have enough of the PVC installed to allow HEPC 46 and the Plymouth diesel to be out of the elements. All this work is progressing as time and funds permit, but as of now, things are progressing well.


Whiting 250 tonne overhead crane


View looking west from roof

Always lots of work to do out at the shop as we head into the final week before our final open house. Come out and see all the great work our dedicated members have been doing since July.

August 18, 2013

More progress is making a difference

I don?t really know how todays work session could have been any better. A 6 person crew came out to the shop today, and took on 4 different projects. The main goal of the day was to start covering up some of the hundreds of broken and missing windows.? We decided the easiest way to do this was with clear corrugated PVC panels. As work started in the morning, however, it was quickly discovered that manpower could be utilized in a number of different projects.?


Rick finishes off the assembly of the transmission for the Whiting Trackmobile

Rick went to work finishing off the transmission for the Whiting 2TMA Trackmobile, bringing that restoration one step closer to completion. Ken Sr. worked on cutting down some of the weeds around the track, and assisting the window crew when required.

John continued with painting the south wall, and got another 2 1/2 sections finished. We hope to have the south wall done along the work platforms by the September open house.? If that is done, we will proceed with painting the north wall of the heavy repair bay.? The paint has made a huge difference in the appearance of the shop interior, hand has all been donated by members.

The window crew went to work just before 10am, starting with 2×4 framing to secure the PVC panels to. We had 25 pieces to start with, which would be about 1/4 of the south wall.? Marcel and Jim assembled 8? long frames on the ground while Ken worked in the Genie lift placing the frames and securing the PVC panels.
Home Depot?Home Depot in Niagara Falls gave the NRM a discount on the PVC panels, which was a great help.? Once again all the funds for the purchase of the PVC were donated by NRM members.
None of this window work, however, could have even been attempted without the continued assistance of Attar Metals in Fort Erie.? Milton offered the NRM use of their Genie lift to get up to the windows.? It was perfect for the job, and made the work go so much easier.? In the end, 14 pieces were installed, a total of 7 sheets (we get 2 pieces per sheet)? Milton and Attar Metals have been continued supporters of the NRM since they located to the area about? 2yrs ago. Without their continued support, a lot of what we do just wouldn?t be possible.Attar Metals


The first 2 PVC panels are in place.


Ken is up on the lift installing the 2×4 frames and PVC panels, closing in the south wall of the shop.


After 7hrs of work, 14 pieces were installed.


John continued painting the south wall, finishing another 2 1/2 sections. The new paint on the north and south wall have made a significant difference inside the shop.

Be sure to come out to our final open house of 2013 on September 7 & 8, 10-4 both days, rain or shine. See all the changes and improvements that have been made, and see how you too can become involved with the Niagara Railway Museum Inc.