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August 9, 2014

The Porter arrives, again!!

In 1984, Atlas Speciality Steels of Welland, ON donated their Fireless Porter Locomotive and ingot car to the Fort Erie Railroad Museum. They were put on display with CNR #6218. The? tiny locomotive and ingot car were moved to Fort Erie via CN flatcar and unloaded at our shop.? It?s rather fitting that it has come full circle, back to the shop it arrived to town in. These 2 images were provided to us from the FERM, showing the locomotive when it arrived at the shop. She was pretty tough when she arrived. The FERM painting both pieces in a black and white scheme which matched CNR #6218.? The NRM plans to restore both items to their original colours.


Looking at the front of the Porter, not much changed from this picture other than colour.


The porter and ingot car (upside down) on the CN flatcar in the heavy repair bay of the shop.

Fast forward to August 9 2014, the 1943 built locomotive arrived at the shop and was placed on its new display track beside the drop table pit.? Milton and Lynn from Attar Metals picked up the bin with the locomotive in the morning and unloaded it it at the shop.? There were a few minor issues along the way, but thankfully the locomotive arrived safe and sound.


Leaving the Fort Erie Railroad Museum for the final time.


Backing down the old railway right of way to Central Ave.

The ingot car that has been displayed with the Porter arrived a few weeks ago and was properly placed on its own panel track outside the shop today.? Unfortunately there was not enough room inside the shop to have both pieces of equipment together, so it will stay displayed outside for the foreseeable future.


Unloaded and on display inside the shop.


The Ingot car on display outside along the driveway.

The Niagara Railway Museum Inc. is very pleased to be working with the Welland Historical Museum to save and preserve these rare pieces of Niagara industrial heritage. The Porter locomotive is getting a new lease on life, being preserved by 2 groups that will ensure it is around for future generations. A very big thanks to Milton and the crew at Attar Metals for loading and moving the locomotive to the shop. They have done so much for us that we couldn?t have done otherwise, and we are very grateful to have them as neighbours at the other end of the yard.