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May 8, 2022

Into the home stretch to Opening Weekend.

8 members were out at the shop on Saturday working to get things ready for opening weekend on May 14/15. Still have some cleaning to get done through the week, but for the most part, things are looking pretty good. Mike and Ken spent the day cleaning up outside. The rail was sorted and moved to a new, better organized pile and marked for keeping or scrap. Good rail was moved into position in the track, ready for the next track work session. We have just enough rail to complete the north track. The 2 extra frogs were moved onto the deck of the flanger, out of the way. The old pieces of 85lb rail on the north track were removed and stacked and replaced with 100lb. The north track will be entirely 100lb rail. Still a bit of cleanup to do, move some rail onto the rail rack, but that will wait until after opening weekend. Elsewhere outside, the grass was cut around the former turntable/roundhouse area, and Mike was using the loader to clean up some other stuff.

Mike running the loader moving the 85lb rail out of the track.
CP train heads towards the US as Mike moves a frog onto the flanger
Both frogs are on the deck of the flanger for storage.
100lb rail in position to finish off the north track.

Inside the shop saw a lot of cleaning. Rick was actually working on the Flanger, painting the grooves between the boards. The South side is now done, will get some touch ups done, and be ready for lettering. John, John, Nolan, Jim and Ken were sweeping and cleaning around the shop, wiping down equipment, getting signs ready, etc. The TH&B caboose stove we acquired a few weeks back was finally moved into the TH&B boarding car. Thanks to Jim, Nolan, Rick, John W, John M, Mike, Ken and Ken for all the work on Saturday.

Rick painting the grooves between the boards on CN 56323.
the TH&B stove is now in place in the Boarding Car.
The Trackmobile and 25tonner outside in the afternoon sun.

One week to go until Opening Weekend 2022 on May 14th & 15th. 10am to 4pm both days, rain or shine, admission by donation. We look forward to welcoming everyone back.