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July 2, 2007

New Equipment Acquisitions

Our Whiting 2TMA Trackmobile has arrived!!

On Saturday, July 7th, members of the NFRM journeyed up north to load up our recently acquired 2TMA Whiting Trackmobile.? When rebuilt, the unit will be very useful when it comes to moving equipment around the display site.? We have also acquired a 400amp Miller welder, which can also serve as a backup generator, and will be needed in the restoration of #46 when she is brought back to Niagara.? The NFRM thanks Ted Lucas from Lucas Lift Truck in Thorold for moving the Trackmobile, welder, and more parts for #46 (air tank, steam dome, coupler).? All these items will be put into storage until we are ready for them.? Meanwhile, we will continue to work on the Trackmobile.? A photo of the Trackmobile, and another project car, a Sylvester 21E motorcar (privately owned, and also picked up July 7th) are now in the equipment list on the collection page.? There is also an updated photo of #46, also taken on the 7th.