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July 16, 2010


With the recent arrival of our 3rd ex-Hydro locomotive, the NRM now has a very unique display. Both our steam engine, #46, and our electric, E-7 worked together during the construction of the Queenston-Chippawa Project.? Our Plymouth diesel was used during construction of Adam Beck G.S. #2, which creates a display of 3 locomotives from 2 of the most famous power projects in Canada.? I would like to take this opportunity to thank the various groups involved with this move/acquisition.

Villeneuve’s Steel Wheels – Floated the locomotive to our shop

NRE-Alco Locomotive Canada – loaded both the locomotive, trucks and other parts

Beam Excavating – provided the backhoe/operator to help move E-7 into the shop

PRW – supplied a 60ton Grove crane to unload E-7

The Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre for not scrapping this surplus unit, and allowing us the time to acquire it from them

The dedicated members of the Niagara Railway Museum who worked to almost midnight to get E-7 on track and into the shop