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August 31, 2015

A Very Busy Summer

I’ve been a bit slow updating the actual news site of the page, as we have been doing a lot on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. It has been a very crazy summer for the NRM. Our Saturday open days have been very well received. We’ve added some great new displays and had 2 busy open weekends.? Our next open weekend is September 12 & 13, 10am to 4pm both days, rain or shine. There will be a few new display items in the display car, and as well as in the office display area. We’ve been working hard to get 2 of our tracks connected to allow us to move the 3rd boxcar inside for the winter. Much of this track work has been made easier with the help of hydraulic track tools that have been loaned to the Museum when needed from Trillium Railway Company in Welland. This has allowed us to progress with the track construction at a much quicker pace as opposed to the alternative way of manually spiking the track. Within the next month we hope to have the tracks connected, with enough room past the temporary turnout to allow 2 pieces of equipment plus the small Plymouth diesel (when restored) or the Trackmobile.


The Barco speedometer installed in the cab of #9173.

We still have a lot of work to do, but we are making progress. HEPC electric E-7 and the Hydro Plymouth diesel have both had work done on the interior of their cab, with new paint and cleaning to make it?a better visitor experience. The cab of CN F7a 9173 has recently had a replacement Barco speed recorder and air flow meter installed, which were donated to the NRM by Don Brown in Rochesterm NY.? These 2 items bring the cab close to completion. The cab is accessible for viewing, so be sure to climb up the stairs and have a look.

The year isn’t slowing down anytime soon.? Our next open house is September 12/13, and the Museum’s Summer Saturdays will be extended right through to the end of September. October will see the start of the new railway show season, with the Niagara Model Railway Show in St. Catharines on October 25th. There is a lot more going on, so come on out and see the amazing progress we continue to make, as we work towards acquiring the property and creating a fully operational Railway Museum.