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February 12, 2017

More work on the Plymouth

It was perfect working weather at the Museum on Saturday, very comfortable for working inside. Ken Sr. continued working in the office, finishing some drywall and sizing up the supports for the ceiling. Ken Jr. and Adam spent the day working on the Plymouth, starting to install the windows that were smashed out by vandals 6yrs ago. The first panel in front of the engineer was installed first, followed by the conductor side sliding windows. There is still some work on those windows as the bottom slide supports that lock the windows in place need to be installed. 4 more window frames (2 large. 2 small) need to be prepped and painted before the glass.? Hopefully another 3 work days and we’ll have this work done and the Plymouth will have a full set of windows again.


The first new windows installed.


The view from the Engineman’s seat through the new window.

plymouth 1 sm

Still a long way to go, but the windows are a great start.


The conductor side windows are in place, but still need to be properly secured.