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May 6, 2019

Opening Weekend

Opening Weekend is just a few days away, and we’ve been doing a lot of work recently to get things in shape. We’ve spent a lot of time on our steam locomotive, HEPC 46. We are working on her cosmetic restoration in time for her 100th birthday in 2020. She has new rear wood beams, and the coupler will be mounted shortly. We are also working on getting the cab replaced/rebuilt and are still always looking to raise more funds for this and the rest of our projects. Work will start up on the ex-CN flanger again shortly, just waiting for a bit of drier weather.

Glen installed new lighting over the Easter weekend down the centre platform between the boxcars. Neil an Rob have been working on the Whiting Trackmobile, to get that back in service. It’s been a very busy time for the Museum, and we look to make 2019, our 21st year, a great one.

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