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July 16, 2020

TH&B X-759

The Niagara Railway Museum Inc. is pleased to announce that we have acquired one of the rarest, if not the rarest, railcars from the Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway. X-759 has been in private ownership for decades, and was recently donated to the Museum.

X-759 was built by National Steel Car in December 1913 as wood boxcar #3775. It was renumbered to 3105 in 1941. The car was rebuilt and assigned to MOW Service as the Carpenters boarding car, numbered X-759 by 1947, and retired and sold to Equipment Broker S.G. Paikin in June 1979. It was moved to Welland for scrapping, but was saved from the torch by a local businessman who had an interest in the railway. He moved it to his farm, where he intended to rebuild it into a pool house. However, (thankfully) this never happened, and the car has retained the majority of its original interior.

In December the Museum approached the family to see if they would be interested in donating the car for preservation. After 7 months, the family informed us that the car was ours. We are now working on the logistics of the move and have started fundraising to help with the cost of the move to the Museum site. If you can help the Museum with this great project, donations can be made securely online by visiting:

All donations over $25 are eligible for a Charitable tax receipt. We are pleased to have X-759 added to the collection, and it joins another TH&B car in the shop, the last gondola #2676.

TH&B X-759 out of service.