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August 30, 2020

2 Weeks to go!!

We have just 2 weeks to go until RailDays 2020, and we’re really working to get everything ready at the shop. This weekend we continued working on the stairs for the Flanger and Boarding car. Saturday the Flanger stairs wre finished off with the railing. We also had some visitors though on Saturday, including our local MP Tony Baldinelli. Neil and Ken spent a few hours at the shop on Sunday finishing off the railing on the Boarding car. Still need a cross piece for safety, but that’s a quick fix next weekend. Labour Day weekend will be a cleaning weekend, getting things moved and put away, and sweeping up the messes made from our recent work. Sunday we also had a desk donated/delivered to the shop that came from CN in Port Robinson. It’s in nice condition and will go in our office to replace the steel one we have in there now.