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September 5, 2020

One week until RailDays 2020!!

We had 8 members out to the shop today to get things ready for RailDays 2020 on September 12th & 13th. Really pleased with the amount that was done. We finished off the stairs to the Flanger and Boarding car, and they will be painted in the off season, after RailDays. Items that weren’t needed or were in the way were moved and put away, or elsewhere out of the way. The floors have been swept, and HEPC 46 was pulled ouside for the day. Allan spent the day in X-759 and reinstalled one of the doors, along with 2 plywood panels to allow us to mount pictures of the move. New LED lights will be added before RailDays, although these will not be permanent. A new display will be going into the display car in time for RailDays. Thanks to our volunteers who came out to help, Mike, Neil, Jim, Nolan, Glen, Allan, Ken & Ken.

With so many events being cancelled in 2020, we are very lucky, and very pleased to be able to move forward with our RailDays event. It is scaled back a bit, but we are doing our best. We are big believers in working with other groups, and we are pleased to say that the Fort Erie LaFrance Association will be taking part in the event by bringing one of their antique fire trucks over for display on Saturday from about 10am-2pm. We are also hoping to a display from members of the Niagara Antique Power Association on Sunday. We thank both of these groups for everything they do to help preserve our history, and we welcome them to our site and hope you will come out and support not only the Railway Museum, but these other groups as well. It has been a difficult year for all of us, your support will help us all move forward.

GE 25tonner & HEPC 46 outside for the day.
Allan and Mike work on a display panel for inside TH&B X-759.
The recently restored Fairmont Gang Carrier couple to the Woodings CBI motorcar for display.