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February 20, 2021

Website updates

The website has been receiving some new pictures in the image galleries. Some new items have been added to Canadian National, TH&B and Structures galleries. Future updates will include the blueprints gallery as we are currently scanning hundreds of Michigan Central Railroad blueprints, and will be selecting different ones from around the region for inclusion in the galleries section. We are also working on a searchable database for many of these items, which will help get more of the unseen parts of our collection out for viewing.

We are hoping to get back to the regular work at the shop soon. While we are still out there working, it slows way down in the winter time, as there is just no easy way to get some of the projects done with the weather. We will also have news coming about opening weekend, and any other events through the year, as soon as we know what the restrictions will be going into the spring.