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March 17, 2022

Good weather brings more progress

The weather has finally improved enough to get some much needed work done. On March 16 CN 9173 and INCo 8 had some sanding done to clean up more of the rough rust spots. Once the oxidation was cleaned up, the bright yellow came through on INCo 8. On March 17th, Ken and Neil spent some time at the shop working on CN Flanger 56323, managing to get a first coat of the final colour on the car, and it’s looking pretty good. The new paint goes on and covers well. This paint was recommended to us from our friends at the as they have used it on many pieces of their equipment. If it can stand up to Alberta winters, than it should be just fine for our needs.

Really pleased that we were able to get the first coat of paint on the car. Still a fair amount of work to be done with the paint, but a few good weather days, and some extra help, and this car will have the main body painted fairly quickly. Once the main paint is done, the lettering/number will be applied. The cupola windows are the final pieces of the restoration, and are currently being rebuilt by Alan at his home shop.