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May 28, 2022

Saturday update

We had a decent day at the shop today, started off pretty chilly, but the sun came out after lunch and it definitely improved.

With the recent posting about our coins, We want to send out a thanks to the company that made them, Strike Your Coin , located in Kanata, Ontario. There is an interesting history on these Challenge Coins, and you can read the history at the link below:
As our members present today were able to take a good look at the new coin, they were quite happy with the quality and detail that came out on the final product. We are also very pleased that our coin has been added to theie website at

As for today, we had quite a few visitors through and some puttering done around the shop. It was too wet to cut the grass, (which really does need it), so that’ll have to wait until next week. Outside we used the Trackmobile to move CN Flanger 56452 further east on track ED18. Here is a short video of the move: Plans are currently being made to set up a panel track to put this car on, so it’s off our yard tracks and out of the way. The panel will be on the former track ED16, which is the first track north of our existing track, and will be under the north sand towers. Some training was also done on the Trackmobile, so our members have a better understanding of the use and functions of the machine. Overall, a pretty good day. Still a lot of work happening, and working to finalize some details for our 25th Anniversary event in July.