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June 4, 2022

The Plymouth comes alive!!

Was a bit breezy and cool at the shop today, but we had a few visitors, and reached yet another milestone (sort of). John and Ken were cutting the grass (a never ending endeavor), cleaning up the grounds. Mike was running the loader while Rick and Nolan were cleaning up/sorting some of the old ties that were removed from the track during the various trackwork being done. Still a bit to go, but looks better.

Meanwhile, Ken and Jim were working on mounting some new direction signs, as well as dealing with our visitors. David was back today to work on the Flanger lettering. A second coat was applied to the lettering, and the number has now been added. While starting the work, an unexpected issue came up, but thankfully David was able to work around it and get the number on. It’s really looking great, and more complete every time. With the Flanger getting this attention, Patrick was over working on our Plymouth MDT40t diesel.

Patrick is our newest member, and is a heavy equipment Mechanic by trade. He joined up just a couple of months ago, and decided to take on the Plymouth and its Detroit Diesel engine as a project. He has done some great work, and the time he has spent on it paid off today when the diesel engine was started for the first time in 11yrs. It started and idled very smooth (like it did 11yrs ago), and we look forward to actually having this unit back in periodic operation in the future. A short video of todays startup can be seen here:

Another great day at the shop. Each week we continue to progress with various projects, and we are still always looking for more volunteers to join our team.