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October 17, 2010

Weekend Work Report

It was a very productive weekend at the Museum site.? Scott and I (Ken Jr.) spent some of Saturday working on the brake rigging on the Plymouth, and also spiked up some more of track 2.? We also looked around inside and out of the shop and made up a list of jobs to be done before winter.? Sunday saw 7 members out to work.? Bill worked on the Plymouth motor, replacing some of the missing parts as the test fire draws near.

NRM Member Bill McCraw has his head stuck in the hood of the Plymouth as he works on a gasket.

Steve, William, Scott, and myself worked on HEPC 46. ?For the past 30+ years, it has been stuck in forward. With the help of a hydraulic jack, we were able to move the linkage back to its neutral position. It is still very tight, but a careful eye was kept on all moving parts to ensure that everything moved as it was intended. The reversing gear on HEPC 46 is now in neutral, instead of forward.

The reversing gear on HEPC 46 is now in neutral, instead of forward.

Ken Sr. and Ryan worked in the inspection pit on track 2, clearing out garbage and debris.? Next time there are more hands, all the debris from the pit, and the old washrooms will be removed from the shop as we continue to clean the facility to make it better for our members, and visitors.? As I was leaving, Norfolk Southern train 369 from Buffalo came into the yard.? The lead unit was a former SOO Line, followed by 2 NS, and a brand new CN GE ES44DC #2325.

NS train 369 enters the Fort Erie yard with brand new CN 2325, a GE ES44DC.

My thanks to everyone who came out today.? Still lots to do?before the winter sets in.? And a reminder to everyone else, the?Fall Niagara Falls?Model Railway Show is just 2 weeks away, on October 31st, 2010.? The show is?once again held at Optimist Park Hall, and is open from 10am-3:30pm.? Model railway vendors, layouts, and displays.? There will be something for everyone, so come on out and support the Niagara Railway Museum.