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November 21, 2010

NRM’s Plymouth comes to life!

At 12:12pm on Sunday November 21st, 2010, the Niagara Railway Museum’s 1953 Plymouth MDT40t, returned to life.? After a few months of work, the 8cyl. engine, which has not run in about 20yrs, was turned over on Saturday November 20th, and fired up and idled on the 21st.

There is still a very long way to go before the actual locomotive is operational, but this is the first major accomplishment.? Most, if not all of the hoses will need to be replaced, as will all of the wiring, and probably the gauges in the cab.? We are also in need of new batteries, as the ones we had were on loan for the day.? The air compressor was severely damaged and is seized solid, and cracked.? The entire air system, which not only operates the brakes, but also the transmission, will have to be rebuilt.? We have managed to acquire a bell for the diesel, and will also add a set of? air horns, which once served on a CP Rail snow plow.? We are still raising fund for the restoration of the locomotive, and donations can be made directly to the Museum off the main page of the website.? As always, donations to the NRM are eligible for a tax receipt.

Revving up the engine!

I thank Bill McCraw, one of our newer members, for spending so much time and effort to get the Plymouth running.? Bill used to work on that type of motor for a living, and without his expertise, we would not have managed to get the engine running this soon.? Along with Bill, William, Scott, Eric and Steve also helped out when they could.? There were 6 of us working on it today to get it running and Bill’s friend Russell donated a set of batteries for the day, in order to make this happen.

On a personal note, when I founded the NRM in 1997, I always said the day we have an operating locomotive was the day I feel we have really accomplished a goal.? Today was that day.? Thanks to our members, donors, and Babcock & Wilcox in Cambridge who donated the engine to us 3 yrs ago.