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July 23, 2011

Colorful day

Well, today ended up being a very busy day at the shop.? We had a few people through the doors, and got some work done as well.? More of the grass was cut, and some interior cleaning was done.? Outside, things were just as busy.? Within an hour 4 trains went through, including CP.? CN had 2 sets of power around the yard, but one set had left late morning.? The power that stayed was parked right beside the long out of service scale.

CN 2235/8917 at the scale

Just before lunch, the Norfolk Southern came across, with a pair of BNSF units.? I managed to snap a shot of them as they were grabbing a cut of cars from track 1, before heading to the north side of the main to grab the steel slabs.? As I watched the NS train pull into the yard, I spotted a very rare hopper car, now marked as RFMX, but formerly Conrail, and before that Penn Central.? The Conrail markings were painted out, but the Penn Central ones are showing up quite well.

BNSF 7389/4314 power the NS trainPenn Central hopper in Fort Erie

Penn Central hopper in Fort Erie