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November 19, 2005

Work Session ? November 19th, 2005

On November 19th, 2005, the Niagara Falls Railway Museum vacated the property where our cars were being stored. A small group of 7 people (2 who weren’t members, but still wanted to help) came out to get the cars packed and ready for movement. This involved packing our 4 Fairmont A4D motorcars, all the track lorries, the grinder, crane and stairs. All went smooth, and the cars were packed and off the property by 2pm. The 4 smaller motorcars were moved to private storage for continued maintenance and restoration. Thanks to all who helped out with the move.

Steve Konig eases one of the NFRM’s Fairmont A4d motorcars into the boxcar for storage. Thanks to Lucas Lift Truck in Thorold Ont. for loaning us the forklift for the day.

Moving ex-CPR 401258 to the south end of the siding for eventual movement to a new home.

Steve Konig mans the high hand brake as the final car, CP 401639 is shoved to the south end of the siding.