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March 27, 2022

Busy at the end of March.

Waited until today to make the weekend report as there’s been quite a bit happening. Saturday was a shorter day, but there were 8 of us out, working on the windows on the west wall. The wind hits this end of the building hard, and Allan made up a panel to fit into the wide open area of the windows, behind the cab of CN 9173. This will really keep the west wind out. We managed to get the panel in place, but there is one spot that prevented it from fitting exactly as planned. Still, it’s in place, and there’s definitely a difference. It will be adjusted this week. Allan has also been working on the cab of 9173, cleaning up the back where the rest of the body was cut off. Also on Saturday we picked up a small donation from a local family. We gained 2 railway crossing lights and 2 bells, a couple of small CNR oil cans, and the new item to the collection, a C&O Ry oil can.
On Sunday, members went to Beamsville to pick up a TH&B caboose stove. This item will be moved into X-759, our |TH&B Boarding Car, and will be a much better representation than the current stove that is on temporary display. We also checked out the stove owners (under construction) O scale layout.
Thanks to our volunteers that came out Saturday, Ken, Neil, Mike, John, Allan, Jim, Nolan, John, and Ken, and the crew on Sunday (which was more than we needed, but worked out great), Ken, Mike, Allan, John, Evan, Mitch, and Ken.