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June 11, 2022

June 11 report

11 volunteers were at the shop today working on multiple projects. David was out doing some touch up painting on the Flanger lettering, and will return in 2 weeks to finish off the south side, and start on the ends and north side. Jim and Ken were working around the shop, cleaning, and helping put our Ariens riding mower back together.

David did a second coat of paint on the lettering, and adjusted the bottom line to match the top.

Outside, Rick and Nolan were working the shovels, digging 3 trenches for ties, and spreading some ballast to prepare the new track for a bit of a lift and tamp. A panel track is being constructed to the north side, and will eventually become track ED16, and be connected to ED17. This panel will allow us to move our ex-CN Flanger 56452 off of the main yard tracks and out of the way. This track, once built, will give us a much needed outdoor storage track. While they were working on digging spots for the ties to go, Ken and Mike were dumping stone in the low spot on ED17, and placing rail for the panel. We are hoping to have the low spot lifted, panel track built, and flanger moved by the July event. Some equipment will be moved around to different tracks for display for the 25th Anniversary event as well.

Inside the shop, 3 of our mechanics, Neil, Patrick and Evan were working on the Plymouth and manifold for INCo 8. A new compressor is being installed on the Plymouth. It will not be the same as the original, but will be enough to allow the locomotive to operate. This project is moving along quite well, and we look forward to finally being able to demonstrate this locomotive. There’s still quite a ways to go, but everything is a step in the right direction. Allan was working on the safety barriers for CN Flanger 56323, and then installed the shingles on the new covers to replace the rotten ones on the roof exhaust vents.

While it doesn’t have anything to do with the 25th Anniversary, we have managed to secure about 700ft of track, all 100lb rail. It will require some work to remove, but this will allow us to add the storage track and replace the 85lb rail with all 100lb in our yard.There is a lot happening, and a lot coming up that will be announced in the next week or so. As we are now just over a month away from our 25th Anniversary event, we will be starting to share what you can expect to see and do.