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August 31, 2013

More windows on the long weekend!


Progress on covering the south wall windows

The NRM crew managed to install 7 more pieces of PVC to the windows at the Museum shop, bringing the total to 21 pieces. There is still another 72 pieces to go on the South wall, but progress is being made.

Once again Attar Metals loaned us the use of their Genie lift, a valuable piece of equipment when doing work like this. While waiting for more framing to be built on the ground, Ken and Aaron took a look at the roof and exhaust vents, and started to put together a plan to cover in part of the high bay windows before winter. Some issues were identified which need repair prior to sealing those windows.? The goal for the South wall is to have enough of the PVC installed to allow HEPC 46 and the Plymouth diesel to be out of the elements. All this work is progressing as time and funds permit, but as of now, things are progressing well.


Whiting 250 tonne overhead crane


View looking west from roof

Always lots of work to do out at the shop as we head into the final week before our final open house. Come out and see all the great work our dedicated members have been doing since July.