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April 9, 2016

Another great work day today, with a lot of work getting done.? 5 members were out, continuing the painting in the office area, and working on the new display car.


Wayne M working on the interior of the new display car.


New covers made for the drop table.

Wayne M and Ken Sr.?were working on painting in the office area,?as we work to getting it all painted before the May Opening Weekend. Eventually a lot of this will be covered over with insulated walls, but for now, we just want to clean it all up. Wayne G was working on the office door, having had to make some adjustments to the frame. The doors to the shop and storage room have been given a coat of CN blue as well, as that’s what would have been there when the shop was in service. The majority of the painting should be done next weekend if the weather stays fairly decent. More will be done between the open weekends. Once Wayne M was done painting in the office he moved into the display car to do some repair work to the old tongue in groove boards on the walls. One of the steel bottom panels was also broken away from its weld, so he secured that back to the wall.

Thanks to our friends over at Attar Metals for cutting us some covers for the various access points on the Whiting drop table. These holes have been covered by wood recently, and we felt it was time to make some proper panels to make walking on the drop table safe for our members, and in the future, our visitors.

Ken Jr. was working in the new display car, hanging the temporary lighting in the display end (one end will be for displays, the other will be for the Museum store), as the store end won’t be ready before opening day (we don’t think anyways).? Once the lighting was installed, Ken and Aaron worked on getting 2 display cabinets installed.? These are the 2 N scale cabinets that used to be at Niagara Central Hobbies. and will display some of our HO model railway collection.


Aaron installing the glass shelves.


The cabinets hung and ready for trains.


The first artifact displayed in the new car, a sneak peak of what’s to come.

At the end of the day, the first artifact was hung in the new display car.? Last year we were given items from relatives of the Van Alstine brothers, twins who worked for CN out of Niagara Falls. A few years back we were given a picture that was done for William VanAlstine, but I didn’t actually realise it until just this year. The items from the family of Murray and Morley Van Alstine will make up a part of this new display, and will help tell a bit of the story of these 2 brothers.

Still lots going on out at the shop. If you think you’d like to lend a hand, please drop us a line, we’d be happy to hear from you.