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May 7, 2016

We have a store, sort of…

By the end of our work session today, we actually had a partial store set up in the boxcar.? We installed lights in the other end of the new display car in order to work out how the new store set up was going to work.? We don’t have a whole lot of stock, but we’re working on that. So while we weren’t expecting to have the store actually set up in the boxcar before opening weekend, it looks like it will in fact be ready to go!!


Just a few items that will be for sale on opening weekend.


New cover panels on the side and door have been installed and will be painted before opening weekend.

Wayne M continued painting and working on patching the holes in the brick near the entrance. He also installed the cover panels inside the cab of the CN F7.


NYC, TH&B and Wabash make up the first cabinet.


CN, CP, GO and other local railways are represented in the second cabinet.






Ken and Aaron were working on the display and store car.? Some of our HO model railway collection is now on display for the first time. We have a very extensive HO scale model railway collection and we are just not able to display even a fraction of it. The majority of the collection is related to the Niagara Region and features a lot of New York Central equipment, including steam and diesel locomotives, and freight and passenger cars that would have run on the NYC across Southern Ontario.? Other equipment is from CN, Wabash, and Lehigh Valley, with freight cars also seen in the Region. We look forward to eventually having a proper layout of the area to be able to run these items on.


Wayne started repainting some of the yellow safety lines on the floor of the shop.


Our Canadian Flag is flying back in its proper place for the season.

Everything is starting to come together for opening weekend. Our members have been very busy over the last few months making sure everything is looking great.? The new lighting in the office area is a vast improvement over the previous lighting, and all the new paint has really dressed everything up. Artifact displays will be finalized next week, and will include some all new displays from some local railroad families.? The display upgrades are ongoing and we will be changing some things throughout the year to rotate items from the collection through for viewing. Thanks to our members, Jim, Wayne M,?Ken, Ken, and Aaron,?who showed up Friday and Saturday to keep the progress going.

A big thanks also goes to Mark Wikobrado from Cogeco Niagara for paying the NRM a visit and shooting this short clip for The Source. Really pleased with the outcome, and Cogeco has always been a big help for promoting our event.