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June 11, 2016

Not a small project!

It was a simple job, or so I thought. The wood between the concrete and rails is worn/rotten and was causing a major tripping hazard. So, Wayne M decided to do something about it. And Wayne being Wayne, he never does something half way. So out came the pick and out went the bad lumber.


Wayne M picking and shoveling out the old wood and dirt.


After being cleaned out, the clips holding the rail can be clearly seen.

It turned into a much larger task, but one that will greatly improve the safety of our members and visitors. While he was removing the old timbers, we were able to see the different layers used to secure the boards. The boards will go back in the same manner they came out, and part of the work should be completed by the July 9/10 open weekend. The job requires various sizes of lumber from 2×4’s, 2×6’s and 4×4’s.

Wayne G and Ken were working in the office, starting to frame one of the walls as we work to make a more permanent office for our operations. With the acquisition of a used riding lawnmower, we were able to cut some of the grass, but with our main tractor being out of service for repairs, cutting the big stuff can’t happen without the bushhog mower. So our site isn’t looking as decent as it usually does, so if anyone has a tractor/bushhog that they’d like to bring down to the shop to help cut some grass, that would be great.



The live steam pacific in its new location in the display car.

We also decided to move the live steam pacific from the display area into the second display car for safety and protection. The locomotive now resides under the HO model train cabinet, and fits right in.


The Museum is working to get ready to be open Saturdays, starting on June 18th, 10am to 2pm until the end of September.? A lot of stuff happening at the Museum in 2016. A new announcement will be coming soon as well.