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August 26, 2017

2 weeks to go!!

With just 2 weeks to go until Rail Days, significant progress is being made at the shop, and things are starting to come together for the event.

Another great day with 9 members out working on things. Ken and Peter worked in the office display area cleaning and moving things around, Colin was working on the new safety railing for along the work platform, Adam started cleaning up under the inspection pits, Wayne G. was out cutting the grass, Mike worked on the compressor on the GE 25tonner, and Glen drilled new holes in the coupler mounting plate on HEPC 46. Ken Jr. also made a run to Toronto to bring back 2 original 2ft gauge cars once used in the Wainfleet Peat Bog outside Port Colborne. One of these cars will be rebuilt back to a bog car for display. Also dropped off 2 rerailers, used for getting equipment back on the rails, and once hung on the side of steam locomotive tenders. Thanks to Bob Hayes for donating these great items to the Museum.

All in all, it was another banner day at the shop, and so much has been getting accomplished lately.



newly acquired steam locomotive rerailers.


former Wainfleet peat bog car.


HEPC 46 posing for pics with her new pilot beam.








Here’s a link to the youtube video of HEPC 46’s test move with new coupler install.