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July 31, 2022

NRM 25th Anniversary Part 2 – Sunday

On behalf of the Niagara Railway Museum, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out to visit this weekend. Saturday was crazy, Sunday was about half, but still busy. We heard nothing but positive comments on so many different projects. It was good to see new guests, and many returning ones. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the furthest away was Northern BC (in Niagara visiting), or Haiti (moved to Fort Erie 5yrs ago). I like being able to talk to so many of you on the engine. Our volunteers put in a lot of time over the weekend to look after things, and get things ready in the weeks leading up to the event. While I wish a few more things had worked out, I believe we still put on a great show. We really did bust our butts to get things done.

David with the Flanger lettering, Allan with building new tables and getting one of the rebuilt cupola windows installed on the Flanger, new paint on HEPC E7 and INCo 8. The cleaning, grounds, etc. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word to get people out to our event. Your sharing and reposting our event has a positive impact on our attendance.

Have to give a really big shout out to our volunteers Bill, Jim, Nolan, Felicia, Audrey, Mike, Ken, Neil, Rick, Bill, Patrick, Allan, Susan, Aaron and Ken. They put so much into this weekend, and it is so very much appreciated.If you have pictures from the event that you’d like to share, please either post them in a reply (I believe it’s set up to allow that) or you can send them in a message to us here.

We are still open Saturdays from 10am-2pm, and our next big event is RailDays on September 10/11. We hope to have our friends from the Fort Erie LaFrance Assoc. join us at that weekend. And who knows what else might make its way to the event. For me, personally, it has been 25yrs where I’ve been able to see both, ups and downs of the Museum I started. Only 2 other members are from the start, Aaron, and my Father, Ken. The members we have now are a great group that do everything I ask, and then some. This weekend was long and tiring, but so worth it in the end. We have made some great progress lately, and we hope to continue to share that with everyone who follows, and visits us.

Thankyou to everyone.

Ken Jones – President

Niagara Railway Museum Inc.