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July 31, 2022

Progress report – July 30th

Despite there being a lot happening in Niagara this weekend (Stevensville rodeo, Canal Days), we had a great Saturday at the shop, one of our best this year. Patrick continued worming on the Plymouth air system. Using our external compressor, he’s been fixing any leaks and working on the lines to/from the brake stand. We found out today that the train brake does work, although the pipes were cut/capped years ago. That will be corrected at a later date, and the train air will be piped in again. By the end of the day the air gauges were showing signs of life, but the air cylinders still need some work. Neil recieved some of the fuel system parts that Ted Lucas of Lucas Liftruck Services Ltd. has been searching for. Still trying to find that elusive distributor, but the fuel system parts get us one step closer to getting INCo 8 up and running again.

Thanks to our crew for all their work today, Neil, Jim, Nolan, Mike, Ken, Patrick and Ken.