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August 15, 2022

August 13th

There wasn’t much planned for today, but the work that was planned, got done, and actually a bit more than was expected. As we prepare to move onto our next project, the rebuild of our CNR handcar, which was acquired as essentially the steel/cast parts 2yrs ago, all the pieces were moved to the shop and started to be disassembled. All the remaining wood was taken off (not without a fight either). Surprising how well the bolts actually came apart. All the bearings are good and moving as they should. There are some small parts that need to be replaced, but it is complete. We have plans for the car, and will be using those, along with photos to rebuild the car. Next step is to order the hardwood for the project. We also worked on moving our new work table to the shop, which includes a very big, very heavy vice.

Earlier in the week Neil and Allan were out working on a few things. Allan replaced the missing mudrail boards on the north track, and Neil was working on one of the drive chains for INCo 8.

Stuart Greig, a retired CNR Carman brought us out an air hose he’s had hanging on his fence for years. This hose was used to bypass brakes that were not functioning on a car, and is new to our collection.

Thanks to Ken, Neil, Jim, Nolan, and Mike for all to work today.