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September 24, 2022

Small group out today, but we still got things done. John was cutting some brush, until the cutter blew a belt. Neil and John worked on the machine, but didn’t quite get it back in service, but not a big problem, just a few bolts to go back on right now. Patrick was working on the Woodings CBI motorcar, having removed the Tecumseh engine 3 weeks ago for repairs. The motor was reinstalled today and hooked back up, and for the first time since we believe 2019, the car made its first runs in the yard. Still have some adjustments to make, but it was great to have this car back in operation.

HEPC 46 was moved to the end of the track, with the Woodings following it and backing into the North track. This is only the 2nd time that 46 has been to the end of the track.
At the start of the day the crew was looking over the brake system (or lack thereof) on CN Flanger 56323. The air system was removed many years ago, and with that, the ability to have even a hand brake on the car. We have a plan worked out and will work on this over the off season. Just something out to be added to the ever growing list of things that need to be done before next May.

While we were doing this work today, some video clips were shot, and put together into a 7min video, which can be found here:
As a reminder, next Saturday, October 1st, is our final open day for this season. We will be open 10-2.