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August 20, 2011

E-7 cosmetic restoration

While the weather is still great, I felt it was time to start making some progress on equipment restoration.? The Plymouth is a fairly easy project, but is currently undergoing restoration to operating condition.? HEPC 46, our steam locomotive, needs some extensive cab work before the cosmetic can begin on that.? So, the only piece remaining is HEPC E-7, our electric locomotive.? It’s a very slow process, using an angle grinder with a wire wheel to remove in some spots 7 layers of paint! The good thing about this is that there is no actual rust, only surface rust, which cleans up fairly well with the wire wheel.

Stripping the paint, the slow way!

The body is being taken down to the bare metal, and will be primed and painted a coat of black, which is what it wore when in service in Niagara Falls back in the 1920’s.

Down to the bare metal, waiting for primer.

Track work is also progressing at the site, with more ties laid for track 2.? Rail has been placed, but is not yet gauged and spiked.? Just waiting for the rest of the roadbed to be cleared, and we’ll be into the turnout.? Site cleanup is also moving along.? The old storage trailers along the south side of the building have been moved.? The grass has been cut around the turntable, and soon a section will be cleared out so we can see what condition the pit was left in when it was filled in.

Lots going on at the Niagara Railway Museum Inc.? If you have some spare time, and want to come out and help, we have lots of tasks that can be taken care of.? No skills necessary.? Just drop us an email to set up a time.? Weekends are the normal work days, but some members do head out there during the week.